What We Do

Providing cyber security solutions that give your
business the resilience it needs to succeed

RSB Infosec is a dedicated cyber security consultancy offering robust services to
keep businesses safe and secure across the EMEA region. Throughout our many
years of operation, we have seen countless companies suffer with IT providers
checking their own security work which, unfortunately, often leads to increased
risk of a security breach.

Instead, we work in partnership with IT departments to ensure they have an
in-depth understanding of every threat that could affect your organisation,
and are given the information to protect it both now and into the future.
We offer our clients the best in market services to help them keep up with
the ever evolving world of online security so they can focus on what really
matters to their business.

Our Security Solutions

No matter what stage your business is at on its cyber journey,
our dedicated team of experts are on hand to support

Crisis Response

Many businesses believe an attack won't happen
to them, sadly this is not the case and the reality is
attacks are on the rise. At RSB Infosec we have the
ability to deal with even the most advanced
attacks that could breach your security
infrastructure. We are on hand to support if the
worst happens and can take control to eliminate
the threat, quickly and efficiently.

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Identity & Access Management

At RSB Infosec, we understand the importance of
maintaining, modifying and monitoring user
access to your company’s critical and private data.
Failing to define and manage the roles and access
privileges of your organisation’s network users and
the circumstances in which those users are
granted (or denied) privileges can put you at risk
of a security breach.

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Penetration Testing

Using a methodical approach, we can identify
security weak spots in a network or application
that a potential cybercriminal could breach. We
use the latest toolsets and hacking methodologies
to test the defences of specific applications,
servers, routers, networks and other devices, within
scope systems, looking for a potential foothold
which is then exploited to see how far the network
can be penetrated.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Our main priority at RSB Infosec, is to prevent
breaches in the first place and early detection
provides the opportunity to address weaknesses
before they can be exploited. Vulnerability
assessments are an important tool to identify
vulnerabilities in your defences, validate the
effectiveness of security controls and processes,
and provide the support and advice required to
address security risks.

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How We Work

We provide the defence that businesses need


Frequent assessments to identify,
quantify and rank your IT system

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Once identified, we exploit the foothold in a simulation to see how far the network can be penetrated using the latest toolsets and hacking technologies.

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Every vulnerability found is documented with recommendations on how to address the issues to mitigate any future risk.

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Cyber Security Advisors

We develop long term relationships with
our clients as their trusted cyber partner

Working as an extension of your team, RSB Infosec’s cyber experts understand
how to work with you to find the perfect solution to your security issues. With
our services we can help facilitate the implementation of a cyber road-map,
manage an information security incident, advise on the latest cyber compliance
regulations or assist in the deployment of a new security architecture.


Strategy & Architecture
Road Map Development
Solution Design

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Process Fine-Tuning & Optimisation
Managed Services & Operations
Production Support (L2 & L3)

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Identity & Access Governance
Authentication & Authorisation
Privileged Access Management

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Our Expertise

Through security mapping and threat assessments,
we shield your data from external online attacks

Our team of specialists have been working in the industry for a number of years
and have experience across both public and private sectors with projects
deployed all across the EMEA region. From financial institutions to retail and
telecom, we have the best in market services and advice to work in partnership
with IT departments ensuring they have an in-depth understanding of every
threat your organisation could face.

Why Choose Us

Swift, reliable and agile; we are a dedicated team that
keeps up with the world of online security to provide
continuous protection for your business.

Through security mapping and threat assessment, you
can rely on us to build watertight data networks that will
keep your data private and secure.

Want To Find Out More?

Get in touch with our expert team to find out how
we can help safeguard your business.