Penetration Testing

Using a methodical approach, we can identify security
weak spots in a network or application that a potential
cybercriminal could breach.

We use the latest toolsets and hacking methodologies to test the defences of
specific applications, servers, routers, networks and other devices, within scope
systems, looking for a potential foothold which is then exploited to see how far
the network can be penetrated.

How we help

Once we have identified any vulnerabilities, our security analysts (whilst ensuring that there will be no effect on your
continuation of service) carry out the attacks identified as being a weakness of your company’s system. Our security analysts
will then leave behind evidence of their access to your client system. This step is essential to see how far your vulnerabilities
can be penetrated and what defensive steps need to be taken to protect your system.

RSB Infosec will provide a full report of our findings so you
can understand where your potential security weaknesses
lie, so an effective plan of action can be put in place to
address them.

Why Choose Us

Swift, reliable and agile; we are a dedicated team that keeps up with the world of online security to provide continuous protection for your business.

Through security mapping and threat assessment, you can rely on us to build watertight data networks that will keep your data private and secure.