At RSB Infosec, we understand what it takes to keep your
private data private to avoid a security breach that could
be detrimental to your business. We can help by giving
you the tools to reliably monitor who has access to what.

How we help

Identity & Access Governance

Securely manage onboarding and off-boarding, access and governance
with our tools and services. Our goal is to manage the lifecycle of your
staff’s access to applications, data and other resources whilst managing
their access. If access is granted, we don’t stop there, we ask what users
can get reports on it and whether it is compliant with your company
policies for true governance.

Authentication & Authorisation

Human error is one of the leading causes for a security breach. In simple
terms, authentication is the process of verifying who a user is, while
authorisation is the process of verifying what they have access to. We can
prevent your company falling victim to a cyber attack by ensuring only the
right people have access to sensitive data.

Privileged Access Management

Privileged user accounts are high value targets for cyber criminals which
means keeping them secure is of utmost importance. With effective
Privileged Access Management, we provide the tools so your teams can
securely manage the accounts of users who have elevated permissions to
critical, corporate resources whether they may be human administrators,
devices, applications, and other types of users.

Why Choose Us

Swift, reliable and agile; we are a dedicated team that keeps up with the world of online security to provide continuous protection for your business.

Through security mapping and threat assessment, you can rely on us to build watertight data networks that will keep your data private and secure.