In the event that the worst happens and your business
suffers a security breach, our swift, reliable and agile team
will be on hand to support.

Many businesses believe an attack won’t happen to them, sadly this is not the
case and the reality is attacks are on the rise. Our dedicated team keeps up with
the world of online security ensuring they are knowledgeable and understand
how to identify the latest tools and techniques used by cybercriminals. At RSB
Infosec we have the ability to deal with even the most advanced attacks that
could breach your security infrastructure. We are on hand to support and take
control to eliminate the threat, quickly and efficiently.


Timing is crucial for any cyber attack to prevent lasting
damage, which is why we use our tried and tested
incident response plan.



Our Vulnerability Assessment is key to
understanding and identifying any
potential security weakness, so an
effective plan of action can be put into
place. We assess your organisation’s
end-to-end response framework to
develop generic crisis management
plans and scenarios to support your IT
and leadership teams should they face
an attack.



We offer our clients 24/7 support
during a crisis to ensure they have our
expertise to guide them through
effective crisis management processes
and tools. We provide specialist advice
on key considerations and decisions
for how to implement the right
strategies for rapid recovery with
minimal loss.



After a thorough investigation, RSB
Infosec will deliver a full evaluation of
your organisation’s response to the
incident. The report will look at
identifying the root cause, action
timelines, the scale of the impact and
what lasting effect it will have (if any)
as well as the effectiveness of the

Why Choose Us

Swift, reliable and agile; we are a dedicated team that keeps up with the world of online security to provide continuous protection for your business.

Through security mapping and threat assessment, you can rely on us to build watertight data networks that will keep your data private and secure.